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For over 14 years of international wedding recordings, we have been specializing in capturing just the MAGIC moments that are to be kept on canvas. A flexible team of artists who know how, when and in what way, movies, photographs and websites are made to create an unforgettable memory.

It is said that

”A picture is worth a thousand words”

What can then be conveyed with movies, where each minute is consisting of thousands of pictures.

We create the perfect memory of your special day. A memory for life, that you can look back on, and in the future show your friends and family. For best quality we use professional P2HD cameras, giving your movies the same depth and contrast as the future movies they are usually used for.

We adapt the recording to your wishes, and more than happy to offer suggestions that usually fit. Let us take care of the forgiveness of the marriage moment, the best man’s speech and the party afterwards. Of course, we offer film of party for bride-to-be and stag party if desired.

To fit everyons budget you can choose how long we will film and buy the movie edited or unedited. We offer films from 4000 kr (Film of the ceremony, about 1h filming). This includes all editing and finished movies on USB or DVD/Blu-Ray.

We offer two types of edited films, Highlights and Music Video, where your special day is highlighted in different ways.
Highlights takes advantage of the spontaneous in the wedding and combine the sound and image of its highlights.
Music video is a captivated film of your wedding, with artistic combination of image and sound recording as well as editing with selected music.

These movies can be subtitled, dubbed and edited according to your wishes. Of course we can save all songs and numbers for you. After the movie is edited, we offer it on DVD, Blu-ray or USB memory.

We offer streaming of the wedding live over the net, so that those friends and family who could not attend can still enjoy your magical day.

We will of course offer the movie on USB and all raw material if you want more memories. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions, ask for a price proposal and of course we can plan the film of your special day together.

Our filmmakers have a lot of experience with the coordination of the photographer in order to show your day in the best possible way.

A movie is a memory you have forever and can share with everyone you love.

We offer package discount and combination of different offers.

25% is taken at the time of booking as confirmation to lock the date. The remaining amount is paid after the filming is completed, but before delivery.

”Your wedding is your special day and a memory of your life”

By taking pictures you can save the best moments, and share them with friends and family.

We offer weddings photography, after parties, models and shooting on special requests. Many appreciate pictures from the gift opening, and great background pictures for invitation and thank you cards.

We offer different types of photography depending on your needs, it can be based on time or context (wedding, party, bridal shower, etc.).

We offering image editing, where artists emphasize, tweak and unite your pictures. Using professional tools, color balances and contrast to highlight the snapshot. Please look at our gallery, where samples from previous weddings are available.

We offer photography from 3000kr.

You can get the material in several different ways. A photo book is a great way to preserve these precious moments, and the digital format makes it easier for you to share your joy. Slides and frames become memories you can have in your residence and a picture from the wedding will be a nice background for thank you cards.

Our photographers have great habits to interact with filmmakers for the best  weddings from many different perspectives. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have thoughts.

We offer package discount and combination of different offers.

25% is taken at the time of booking as confirmation to lock the date. The remaining amount is paid after the photographing is completed, but before delivery.

”Your Magic Moments online”

Instead of just telling everyone about your marriage through invitation cards, you and your guests can interact through your wedding website. Here you can show pictures and thoughts, share hopes and memories before the wedding. An invitation movie can be posted here to welcome family and friends, as well as a discussion forum that becomes available to the participants.

During the preparation process you can tell us what is happening, and guests can coordinate, for example, accommodation in this forum that is for participants only. Invitation cards can link here, where each guest can confirm that he / she comes, and things such as Food allergies can be reported electronically to facilitate planning.

A feature of growing popularity is a wish list where objects disappear after they have been checked. On this way you can coordinate so you get the presents you want, but not duplicates.

During and after the wedding, friends and family can upload pictures and movies, as well as share fun memories, like a digital notebook.

Afterwards you can send a thank you greeting or share your own pictures from the wedding. Of course, both Wedding Film, Wedding Cards and Wedding Pictures can be integrated with this page if you wish.

We offer web-based features from 2000kr

The page is designed by our technicians and artists to provide a warm and inviting feeling while being user-friendly. You can of course keep it for as long as you wish and it is designed according to your wishes.

We offer package discount and combination of different offers.

25% is taken at the time of booking as confirmation to lock the date. The remaining amount is paid after the homepage is done.

Our skilled wedding planners can help with the planning of your wedding.

We can help you only plan a particular part of the wedding, or all day, or why not stretch out the events for a whole weekend and let us stand for the planning so that you can focus on yourself.

Weddings are not the only events we work with

We can film and photograph all kinds of possible events. We can also help with planning, as well as creating a website for the event. Why not use the website as a digital invitation card.

You may wonder what other events we can help. Actually, it is the era of imagination that sets the boundaries. It can range from birthdays, baptisms and confirmations. It can also be an event you want to arrange.

If you have ideas on events, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you only need someone to film, photograph or maybe a website for the event.


We are filming with a professional P2HD camera, the same type of camera used by TV4 in sweden.

We also have the ability to shoot with steadycam, which makes the image we shoot becomes really stable, even if we go with the camera. Besides is a movie that shows the benefits of our equipment, compared with a system camera.

Our camera has a directed RØDE mic and we also have the opportunity to make a sound recording with a wireless small mic. Everything for the best sound quality.

The movies are edited using Avid Symphony or Adobe Premiere. If required, post-processing can also be done with Adobe Aftereffects.

The movie can be delivered on DVD or Blu-Ray disc. There is of course the possibility to get the movie on a USB flash drive. Of course, there is the possibility for you to access all material.


We photograph with a system camera, to give you the best possible pictures.

We then edit the pictures with Photoshop and Lightroom. This to give the pictures more character.

We deliver the images on DVD or USB, as well a selection in print format (such as a photo book).

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