We also produce short films

Please check the owner of AndeoX Productions at IMDb: imdb.me/jani

Our owner Jani Jokinen is the main producer of the majority of our films.

Do you have a movie idea, so do not hesitate to contact us and discuss how we might be able to help producing it.

Right now we are in full production with the movie The Chronicles of SnakeBlade.

Right now we are in the post-production of the documentary about Consumption Society and we have recently started filming the documentary about Mothers of the World.

We started a long film production, namely the movie Kompis, Kompis, Bang, Bang.

Do you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Chronicles of SnakeBlade

We currently produce this movie.

Plot: After the world has fallen, a terrorist organization has all humanity in its grip. There is a group of rebels who refuse to give up., Who are willing to fight until death.

The film will have premiere in 2020.

Pictures from the shooting

Right now we are editing a documentary about Consumer Society, and that is planned to be released in 2020.

Vi are also filming right now a documentary about Mothers of the World and about educating new leaders for the project. This film is created in association with Kisam and Zaga Film & Art. This film is planned to be released in 2021.

This is a documentary about female entrepreneurship. The film is produced by Zaga Film & Art, financed by Winnet and filmed, edited, and sound-worked by AndeoX Productions.

Plot: Why are there fewer female entrepreneurs? Why don’t women start business? Why don’t women run businesses? This documentary should answer these questions. We hear how specialists in ALMI, LST and the Employment Service look at this issue. Even a professor in Business Administration gives insight. Women who have gone to business explain why they did, what obstacles they met and why they think women do not start companies as often as men.

This is a documentary on how to get more people to try and play rugby. Produced by Zaga Film & Art, financed by the International Rugby League and filmed, edited, and sound-worked by AndeoX Productions

Plot: In this documentary we will follow how the International Rugby League has made so that more young people want to try to play rugby.

This is a documentary about how rural areas can be made more attractive. This is about a place where they got everything changed via LEA. Produced by Zaga Film & Art, finansed by Winnet and filmed, edited, as well as audio edited by AndeoX Productions.

This is a documentary about a company that is running a tour horseback ridings. Produced by Zaga Film & Art and filmed, edited, and sound-worked by AndeoX Productions.

Friend, Friend, Bang, Bang

In 2006, the manuscript was written to a feature film about a school shooting. In the summer of 2007, this entire movie was filmed. Then the editing work and effects began. Here somewhere the money run out. The film is still in progress to be edited and finalized someday. In order to do this, we will try to find some good editors any financiers.

If you are interested in helping do not hesitate to contact us.

The goal is to get the movie ready in 2020.

Trailer Part 1

Trailer Part 3

Trailer Part 2

Here are some of the older movies that AndeoX Productions has made. Everything from a spoof documentary to music video, as well as their first horror movie that was made in 2002.

Everything here is produced under the name JayPictures, which is the old name of AndeoX Productions.

Name: Outsiders: A Transvestites Life

Production year: 2008

Plot: This is a documentary story about Glen, a transvestite, where he tells how life is like Glenda. This is a spoof documentary.

Name: Music video, Folk music

Production year: 2007

Produktion: Detta är en musikvideo som spelades in i norrland. Denna produktion gjordes i sammarbete med Film i gävleborg.

Here is the trailer for our first movie.

Name: The Forbidden Game

Production year: 2002

Plot: Some students are killed one by one. Everything because they played the forbidden game.

This movie is produced by Pumas Pamas. The cameraman is Jani Jokinen, the owner of AndeoX Productions.

Name: Got Carrots

Production year: 2013

Plot: A rabbit is dependent on carrots. He needs to get carrots to cope with everyday life. This is a addiction movie.