Each company has its own unique needs and prerequisites. Depending on your needs, we offer everything from a basic informational page to communicate with your customers, to advanced webshops to facilitate orders. The website can be both template-based and based on customized solutions. Our starting price is from 8000 kr ($900 or £800).

All websites are of course responsive and work well on mobile devices. If you want a website dedicated to working towards mobile devices, we offer a variety of solutions.

When developing a new website, we recommend a package, the content of which is tailored to your needs. All packages include a CMS tool so you can easily add new information, update the website or upload images from both your computer and mobile phone.

In case of modification of existing website, we offer consultancy based on hourly fees. This is recommended for minor changes.

Contact us to get the perfect offer that suits you and your company


We have also been webmasters for the WINNET project, which is located under the county administrative board in Östergötland.

Some of the services we offer

Below are some of the services we offer. One of the most important is to have a CMS tool, so you can easily edit your website afterwards. Of course multilingualism, as well as webshop are important opportunities. If you have any questions about any specific request, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very flexible.



There are several different CMS tools, some are easier to use than others. We have chosen to use WordPress instead of our own. This is because WordPress develops constantly and makes it easier to use for the end customer. With our knowledge, we shape the WordPress platform to suit your needs.



We used WPML as a platform for multilingual content. Thanks to the power of WPML your customers can easily change which language they want to see your website. WPML has the advantage of being versatile, we can design it according to your needs, while the majority of WordPress extensions are adapted to work well with WPML. We are also a reseller for WPML.org.



There are many different platforms to use for webshop. We have chosen to primarily use Woocommerce. This is because their platform is very large, has many customization options and it has lots of ready-made features for your needs. Woocommerce is also one of the largest webshop platforms.