WE are a company that helps you with marketing over web, as well as through movies. With long experience and many satisfied customers, we offer a number of services focused on creating websites and promotional films.

We also offer a variety of wedding services, such as movies, photography, wedding planning and wedding websites, that can be used as a electric invitation card.

We also offer our services for other types of Events.

We are also a movie production company and we do produce our own movies.


Jani and his friend started the JTCC (Janis & Tomis Computer Company). The company created websites, as well as modified the game engine to DOOM to create additional game levels. The also gave the game new possibilities like jumping and swimming. They created a game based on DOOM engine with these modifications. Name: SFS -the Game


Jani takes his experience from JTCC, and chooses to open JaySoftware as a UF company (These are designed for students that want to learn at school how to run their own company). JaySoftware offers customized websites for other companies.


As a part of his education, Jani creates a short film at school, and for the first time uses the name JayPictures.


In order to broaden their skills to the company, the founder of JaySoftware chooses to commence a MSc in Computer Engineering. The focus of the education is then switched to Media Technology, as this education better reflects customers needs and company’s focus.


In the summer, Jani made his first wedding film. This awoke his interests, which has led to many more films.


JaySoftware is restructured and renamed to JPictures. The company broads its range and specializes in movies for weddings and marketing.


Jani begins an education at the film school, to gain further knowledge and experience in film


JPictures became a consultant for Spotzer in Amsterdam and became responsible for all customers in Sweden.


JPictures became a consultant for the Global Projects marketing company from the UK.

In the same year, a collaboration between JPicutres and Zaga Film & Art started. JPictures filmed and encoded the body of websites for their common customers.


The collaboration with Zaga Film & Art offers high-budget pages.

JPicutes extends its product range to include complete websites and chooses to target smaller companies with different budgets, not to compete with their partner company.


JPictures is renamed to Andeox Productions, in order to better reflect the company’s range, which is now home pages and movies for all occasions.


AndeoX Productions initiates a cooperation with Ekermann Reklambyrå.


We invested in a RED camera with 4.5k resolution and a wireless boom mic connected to it. We also bought the GoPro Hero7 Black edition.